Wumbo\'s Adventure


The current update offers a rich set of new save points and thus even more fund and no more frustration.

Wumbo's Adventure

Wumbo's Adventure - the Anniversary

Once upon a time...

there was a king who had a beautiful daughter. (Don't all kings have?) She was in the right age to get married, but the king didn't want her to marry just any prince. (Princes are mostly boring, ugly lads – the good ones are all kept for other fairy tales.) No, the king wanted a good successor. Being not young anymore, the king had to think about a successor already. Not to forget the queen died many years ago.

It was not only a beautiful daughter the king called his own, no, a huge sweets-collection was hidden in his cellar. He often used to sit down there thinking about important decisions. (One could easyly see he OFTEN sat there. Really, it was his doctor who told him to seek for a successor and according to rumours the king loved his collection even more than his daughter - according to rumours.)

It was a tepid summer night's evening, as a farmer's son made his way to the castle so seek for work. Arriving there, he didn't meet any guards and even after seeking the whole castle he didn't find anyone. (This was due to the story ending here if he had found someone...)
He took the chance and stole all the king's sweets. (Why? Well, so his carrier had a steep rise from farmer's son to thief of the royal valuables.) On his way off the sack tore and all the sweets were spread around the country...

The king got upset as he saw this and called for a hero to bring back the goodies. The hero may get his daughter for bride for reward. (We don't waste a thought about the princess' opinion. Well, it was once upon a long, long, very long time.)

There were knights coming from all over the country trying to be lucky. No one could return with even a small part of the lost sweets, since the land was full of monsters and traps..
Wumbo, who was competent for the goodies-chamber's doormat was now without occupation and went to go on holidays. During the last 5 years he saved enough money to even afford two warm meals. (Vicious guys said the king was penuriously, but Wumbo appreciated the generosity of his majesty...)
On the path there he found one of the sweets...and another one... and another one...

...and so the adventure begins:

Wumbo’s Adventure

The current version feature :

  • Sweet rendered graphics
  • 50 tricky levels
  • level editor
  • online-level library

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Fun spiler

Here's some videos that help you solve some levels. I recommend you try on your own, though.